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Practical Nursing

This diploma program equips learners with the skills they will need to work in their field and pass their Canadian Practical nurse Registration Exam.

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The Practical Nursing Program is a two-year program consisting of five semesters including a summer semester. Once successful on the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Exam, the Registered Practical Nurse can be employed in a variety of settings including acute care hospital, short-term/rehabilitation facility, long term care, community care and nursing stations in their communities to care for patients across the life span.

The program follows our unique blended delivery model at Oshki-Wenjack. Our delivery model allows students to complete on campus sessions twice per semester consisting of course, lab, and clinical placement. The rest of the courses are delivered through online and independent study at home in their communities.

In partnership with Confederation College, Oshki-Wenjack’s unique cultural and community-based program delivery model enables you to stay within your home community for the majority of the courses.

* Note: Due to COVID-19 courses are presently happening online, except for labs and clinical placements.

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First Semester

CS 050 College Writing – 42 hours
PY 299 Developmental Psychology – 42 hours
HS 125 Anatomy & Physiology – 42 hours
PN 125 Professional Growth I – 42 hours
PN 126 Nursing Theory I – 42 hours
PN 128 Human Relationships – 42 hours
PN 130 Tech Concepts in Health Care – 42 hours
PN 131 Nursing Practice I Lab Theory – 56 hours

Total Hours: 350

Second Semester

HS 225 Anatomy & Physiology II – 42 hours
PN 225 Nursing Practice Clinical II – 180 hours
PN 226 Nursing Practice Lab Theory/Practice – 56 hours
PN 227 Nursing Theory II – 42 hours
PN 228 Health Assessment – 56 hours

Total Hours: 376

Third Semester

CS 217 Communications for Health Professionals – 42 hours
GEN ED General Elective – 42 hours
PN 322 Professional Growth II – 42 hours
PN 327 Nursing Practice III-Lab Theory – 56 hours
PN 328 Pharmacology I – 42 hours
PN 329 Nursing Theory III – 56 hours
PN 330 Pathophysiology – 42 hours

Total Hours: 322 

Fourth Semester

PN 326 Nursing Practice III-Clinical – 180 hours
PN 427 Pharmacology II – 36 hours
PN 428 Pathophysiology II – 36 hours
PN 429 Nursing Theory IV – 48 hours
GEN ED General Elective – 42 hours

Total Hours: 342 

Fifth Semester:

PN 422 Nursing Practice IV-Clinical – 180 hours
PN 426 Nursing Practice IV-Lab & Theory – 48 hours
PN 527 Advanced Nursing Practice – 240 hours

Total Hours: 468

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