Health and Wellness


There are four main elements of Indigenous individual’s health and wellness. These four elements are: physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual.

At Oshki-Pimache-O-Win The Wenjack Education Institute we strive to make sure that all of our students are attaining a balanced post- secondary experience. Please reach out to Nicole, Sarah, or Sandra in the Student Support Office on the 3rd floor or call us at 626-1887 or 626-1880 to attain resources such as counselling, support from Elders, tutors, time management, and organization with school work.

Physical Wellness

– Daily exercise (at least 20 minutes a day)
– Healthy eating
– Keep hydrated
– Create good sleeping habits

Emotional Wellness

– Recognizing trauma and triggers
– Reach out for Counselling/ Speak with elders
– Taking time for yourself everyday (even if you start with 2 minutes a day)
– Spending time or reaching out family and friends

Mental Wellness

– reducing stress and managing coping skills
– ask for help when you need it
– Keep good company
– Keep organized and work on time management skills

Spiritual Wellness

– Connect with the land
– Talk with Elders
– Participate in cultural teachings
– Attend Ceremonies



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